What to Do If Your Amazon Package Stolen?

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What to Do If Your Amazon Package Stolen?

amazon package stolen

Amazon package stolen is a tricky and confusing thing for consumers who have paid for the transaction.

It takes time and energy to deal with it, but if there are quick and effective guidance methods, it can at least

reduce a lot of time. Will not be helpless, nervous.

And it’s also happening while purchasing from Amazon. And it’s a usual thing in terms of online purchasing.

Now what to do if your Amazon package stolen or amazon package not delivered or amazon missing package?

There are several common ways to resolve this problem. Some of the ways are also recommended by amazon itself. What are they?

1, Check Your Address Before you find Amazon Package Stolen

amazon package stolen

The first couple of things you must try at first when your amazon package is stolen or amazon package not delivered or amazon missing package, like, You have to check the delivery address you put on while purchasing.

You might give the wrong answer for which reason your amazon package may not deliver into your door or amazon missing package.

Or maybe you have given the address of your neighbor house address in mistake for which the package might deliver to your neighbor house and you are thinking that your amazon package stolen or missing.

But if you are sure that you gave the correct address then you must look for the expected delivery time from the website.

The expected delivery time may change by the supplier and you might be considering the previous date.

You can check the update about your amazon package by using the tracking number which you could find from order information or ask the third party seller

2, Tracking the Carrier Number is Correct

amazon package stolen

Now here comes another situation. As the amazon packages carried by a different carrier, there it can happen that the product has already arrived but the carrier didn’t update the news on the website.

For which you are thinking that the product has stolen or got missing or not delivered. Sometimes it happens that a single package carried by multiple carriers thus it can deliver after the expected days.

3, Ask the Family Members or Neighbors

Amazon Package Stolen

Another situation can be like maybe the amazon package had delivered to someone else living nearby you while you were not available on the day of delivery.

Then you can search in your around to know if someone received your product to be sure that your amazon package stolen or not delivered or not got missing.

4, Contact the Supplier or Amazon Customer Service

Amazon Package Stolen

You can contact the supplier and let him/her know that your product has not delivered or might be stolen or got missing. And see what the reply comes from the supplier.

I don’t think your amazon package stolen is impossible, but amazon package not delivered is happening often for some certain reason which out of stock, shipping delay and so on.

and even your amazon package stolen, you don’t need to worry about it. you just need to contact the supplier you don’t have the package or amazon package not delivered

Usually, they will resend the new one to you free according to customer service satisfactory term

5, Open the Dispute

Amazon Package Stolen

If you don’t get any satisfactory answer then you might think of the last option, and that is an opening dispute/refund.

You don’t need to worry about the refund because Amazon has a great buyer term to protect the buyer.

If you have any new way to find out to solve the problem which your amazon package stolen, please comment it below.


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