How to Do When Amazon Packages is Missing

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How to Do When Amazon Packages is Missing

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1IntroductionAmazon packages are one of the most delivered packages around the world owing to the fact that Amazon is one of the world’s largest online shopping site with series of orders daily. Amazon delivers its packages in all shapes and sizes to almost every part of the world but its sometimes plagued with issues of missing items in packages delivered to shoppers or even  missing packages which is a common challenge amongst e – commerce site, owing to the huge number of orders and sales made daily and deliveries of its packages around the world.

Although its frustrating to lose an item in a package delivered to you, there is no need to panic. Here are a few tips on what to do if you find yourself in such situation.


2、Double check to be sure-First, you do a double check on your amazon packages to be certain the item is really missing. Sometimes items are shipped separately, removed or substituted in cases where the ordered item is not readily available, after orders have been placed.


3、Ask Someone-You ask around, probably neighbors or friends, especially in cases where you where not around to receive the amazon packages when it arrived. Most times amazon packages are kept in places where anyone could possibly access it. Ask to be sure no one tampered with it.


4、Contact Amazon for Help -Next you check the status of the item on the site by clicking on the deliveries package option, click on Customer Care after you log on to the site, then the Manage your orders option, this option gives you information of each items purchased from Amazon. Basically it helps you to track your purchase.

If the item is shown as delivered on the site and you have not received it, you contact customer care immediately, through phone call, email or an online chat, simply click on Customer Care service option and then Help and state your challenge from the options that comes up.

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5Amazon HelpAlso Amazon provides a Policy  known as the A – Z Guarantee Protection Policy  which rectifies issues of missing items and enables the buyer contact the seller, especially on cases of third party sales for fast and efficient response to claims of missing items and immediate refund.

The A-Z Guarantee protects claims and ensure that any item bought from Amazon, even from a third party retailer is eligible for compensation if not delivered to the buyer, or was damaged before delivery.

In all Amazon, got you covered. Happy shopping people.


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