What to Do If Amazon Missing Package

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What to Do If Amazon Missing Package

Amazon package

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular now, and our consumption habits have changed a lot.

Now Amazon is one of the best platforms we often use for shopping. Amazon offers a wealth of categories and products that we can buy every day we need.

As long as you easily search for the product we want on its Amazon website, you can place an order, and then wait to receive the goods.

But sometimes happens when we do not receive our package on time. What should we do if amazon missing package?

Here are some common tips on how to solve the problem of Amazon missing package

You Have Ordered But Have not Shipped

Usually, Amazon products are delivered by FBA and third-party sellers. Before you place an order, you must know which method is used for delivery.

Generally, the Amazon FBA delivery will basically ship out within 48 hours. in this case, you will receive the product within 1-3 days.

If the product is sold and distributed by a third party, it will usually be shipped within 48 hours and the tracking number will be uploaded, but it will take 3-5 days to update the logistics and transportation information.

If it has not been shipped for more than 5 days, it is not normal. You need to contact Amazon customer service or whether the third-party seller’s product is still out of stock, so you need to cancel the order.

Login to Accounts and Lists > Your Account > Your Orders and select Cancel Order.

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Amazon Packages Show as Delivered, But Never Arrived

In some cases, we may find that the amazon packages appear to have been delivered, but we did not receive the product.

amazon missing package

  •  you need to confirm whether the package tracking is updated in advance, and the delivery will be delivered soon
  •  Contact the courier delivery company to see if the package has been delivered. If so, it may be that the package is missing or lost
  • You need to contact Amazon customer service or third-party customers to ask for their help or solutions
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Track The Tracking Number at First

After the order is placed, the Amazon platform will update the tracking number within 48 hours, allowing you to fully understand when the package will start shipping, and which transit logistics will be there, and how soon will it arrive?

You just need to log in to your buyer account, click on “Orders,” then select the “Track package” option,

so you can basically find all the relevant information about package logistics and transportation,

Another query method is 17track.

You can also check the tracking number of the order on this website.

amazon missing package

Usually, you can check the logistics of the package and calculate the best time to receive the package.


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How to Contact Amazon about Lost Package

Here the link of Amazon help page

Don’t worry if you find that your Amazon package is missing, don’t worry, please do as follows


  • login the account and find the order details, then click the seller name
  • amazon missing package
  • Click the Ask a question

amazon lost package

  • Choose an order I placed and click the button: where’s my stuff? to send message

amazon package stolen


So you can send the message about the amazon missing package.

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Amazon A-to-Z Protection Guarantee

Amazon’s protection policy for buyers is relatively complete. If you buy products from a third-party seller, and you are not satisfied with the products and services or the Amazon package is lost, you can issue the Amazon A-to-Z protection guarantee

But your Amazon package lost have been confirmed, In my view, you don’t need to issue this A to-Z protection guarantee


?I believe the third-party seller can provide you with a satisfactory solution.


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What if Your Amazon Package is Late?

If a third-party seller provides a service that guarantees punctual delivery, and your Amazon package is late at this time,
you can issue a refund.

In the refund requestment, you need to check the Amazon refund service conditions. If it meets the criteria, you can request a return on the contact page

If you are amazon prime members, Amazon will give you one free month of Prime, but with this policy update, Amazon is more willing to give you promotional coupons of $ 5 to $ 10 to encourage you to spend more, I think this is also a small tactic for Amazon Prime order is late.

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Amazon Hub Lockers is Good Choice

If you find that your Amazon package is missing, it happened at your doorstep. Of course, it is best to install a camera at your doorstep. You can clearly see who has taken your Amazon package.

In this case, you can consider Amazon Hub lockers available in various cities. Avoid stealing again next time.
How to do?

Find a locker by zip code, add it to your Amazon address book, and select the delivery option at checkout.

so that after your package is delivered in an Amazon Hub locker, you can safely pick your package up.

The unpleasant shopping experience of losing Amazon packages will never happen again.



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