Have you eaten apples on Christmas Eve?

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Have you eaten apples on Christmas Eve?

Have you eaten apples on Christmas Eve? I used to listen to people around me. I was wondering why I should eat apples.

Apple sales in the fruit store were surprisingly good on this day, and even the apples were packed in a Christmas atmosphere.

Although puzzled, the festival atmosphere is very heavy and it gives people a happy holiday.


1,What is the relationship between the two?

  • After some review, it turns out that this is the custom of Christmas Eve in China. According to distant legends, Christmas Eve, as the eve of Christmas, has the Lord ’s wish for “peace” for the believers.
  • The word “ping” on Christmas Eve is in harmony with Apple’s Ping character, so “Bible-Health” records that Christmas Eve must eat Christmas fruit.
  • People even use the Christmas Eve apple as a kind of “peace”. So giving apples to Christmas is regarded as a tradition. People receive apples at Christmas and express their blessings. They will live well every year. I wish everyone a safe and happy year after year.

2,Besides eating apples, is there anything else on Chinese Christmas Eve?

  • Young people meet together: In China, young people pay more attention to Christmas and Christmas Eve. Many young people will meet on Christmas Eve for parties, movies, dinners, carnivals, and wait for Christmas in the early morning on Christmas Eve.

  • Sending Christmas gifts and cards to each other: It is the most common in school to give gifts and cards to each other around Christmas Eve. Because they are interested in Western culture, and Christmas was a convention in school days.

3,How do Western countries spend Christmas Eve?

  • Dress up Christmas and atmosphere: In many western countries, Christmas is a very important festival. Each of them will dress up with Christmas decorations, wear Christmas hats, sing Christmas songs, and welcome peace with a strong Christmas atmosphere. Night and Christmas.

  • Reunion: In the UK, a family is reunited on Christmas Eve. Eating turkey and roast pork are the most common Christmas Eve diets.

  • Reunion: In France, after participating in the Midnight Mass, everyone will go to the family’s oldest married brother or sister to have a family reunion dinner. At this time, everyone will discuss matters at home or promote family relationships. This day is a kind day.

  • Midnight Mass: Midnight Mass is something that Christians do on Christmas Eve. In the Vatican and France, most people go to church to participate in the Midnight Mass. This is the most traditional Christmas Eve.

  • Visit the Christmas Market: Trento, Italy, Innsbruck, Austria, Strasbourg, France, Tallinn, Estonia, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, Salzburg, Austria, Austria Vienna, Cologne, Germany, Berlin, Germany, and Winchester, England all have prestigious Christmas markets, which usually open three or four weeks before Christmas.

It can be seen that the world accommodates Baichuan. Different countries have their own way to celebrate Christmas Eve and the arrival of Christmas.

This is a way to express feelings for the festival in different ways, to build the world ’s splendor in different ways, and to enrich the festival. , Is a very meaningful thing. We should understand and respect their existence.

Have you eaten apples? I ate apples yesterday and I also ate them this morning, haha. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, peace and health.

If you have any different opinions, please leave a message in the comment section.



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