20 Best Deal Websites While Shopping Online in USA

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20 Best Deal Websites


The 20 best deal websites are introduced by our writer to help you with the same money. Online shopping is now well-versed and recognized by many buyers as it saves time, and most especially cost. Unfortunately, not every buyer knows how to save money shopping online.

The truth is, there are several ways to do so but you must get acquainted with recent trends. Deals and Coupon websites take the work off you and provide you with options to save a few dollars when you make purchases.

Here, I have provided an objective review of some of the popular and upcoming business in the deals’ sector.


deal websites

Slickdeals.net presents a nice layout of products and goods from different merchants and on top deals. With ease, you can navigate their website and search for deals, promo codes and coupons from over 3000 stores and merchants.

To further make things easier for users, you get deals’ alerts customized to your taste.

Create and verify an account with them, customize the alerts you want to receive based on the available products, choose the medium of notification and receive alerts when deals that match your customization are posted.

Products from Games, Computers, Tech, Home, Apparel, Travel, Photo and Children receive regular and deals and promo codes.

There are also deals on other product categories and you can save an average of 30% when you pick a deal from these categories.

You can equally seek insights from members by asking questions about particular products in forums. This will help you make the most of their services and save you money.

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deal websites

If you’re seeking for the one hub website for comparing available deals and coupons, DealNews will be the most likely place to visit. It delivers deals as high 50% across several product categories.

DealNews does not offer deals directly themselves. They, however, take off the stress from customers by searching for and displaying deals from over 100 hundred sellers including Frontier Airlines, Rakuten, Lenovo, Walmart, eBay, NFL shop, and many others.

If you’re the type that likes to do online window shopping first before making purchases, then DealNews meets your demands. You can search for the available deals and coupons before making the decision.

Most importantly, the comment section on the website allows you to get more information on these deals and coupons.

Surprisingly, they link to great deals as high as 75% on travel, 50% on fashion and many others.

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deal websites

DealSpeedup is a new entrant into the deals and coupon business but with a solid base of searching for the best deals on product categories such as electronics, kitchen, beauty, music, pets, and others. Just like SlickDeals, most deals on this website are quick to expire.

Nevertheless, they outsource high deals and discounted products that take the pain off from customers. The major seller on DealSpeedUp is Amazon.

Therefore, if you are one of those Amazon fans without enough time scrape deals on Amazon, DealSpeedUp does the work for you.

Visit the website, with just a few clicks, grab that deal you want on Amazon and zoom off to pay for ordering.

However, being a new entrant in this field, they are yet to hit thousands of products, and as such might not overtly cover your needs. Somehow, keep an eye on their deals.

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deal website

Hip2Save has been widely recognized by customers for serving up the best deals in many product categories.  They post the best deals of the week from several stores that you can take advantage of to save money while shopping online

A glance at comments from customers especially on Amazon reveals the level of satisfaction a greater percentage of these customers have derived from using their services.

A satisfied user, Sally C. noted:

“My granddaughters were very happy with Christmas, thanks to this site I was able to get what they wanted for Christmas!”

Catch up with deals from popular stores such as Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, OfficeMax, Yankee Candle, Sam’s Club, and many others.

To get the most from Hip2Save, become an Insider by creating the free profile that qualifies you to receive the hottest deals every day.

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deal websites

Dealsea is the top ten discount product website in the United States, and the ancestor of the American discount website, it is estimated that Dealmoon is also inspired by Dealsea. There are various deals (coupons) and coupons on the website. Before Black Friday (Black Friday), there will be a list of special products leaked out for people who are waiting in line outside the store to be targeted Sex.

  • Main categories: beauty skincare, electronics, apparel
  • Applicable people: Those who want to know the latest Deal immediately
  • Website features: frequent updates, fast list-based listings


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deal websites

Amazon purchased Woot.com in 2010 and has since served as a subsidiary of the giant merchants publishing hot deals to customers and users.

Woot comes with diverse strategies to wet the thirst of online buyers and help them make earnings at the same time.

For instance, Woot’s Daily polls and jokes ensure that you have a bit of fun while exploring relatively low prices on available products.

Also, they use their Woot-off approach to reveal unexpected deals on particulars days to customers and give them the surprises that keep them coming back.

Amazon Prime members can secure free shipping on Woot. Get one and save the rest for another. That’s what it is called.

You will find deals on Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Computers & Laptops, Sports & Fitness, Health & Beauty, Clothing among others. Get deals of up to 60% alongside coupons and promo codes to help you save money on your favorite products.

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website deal

VIPON is an Amazon discount promotion platform, with millions of active real buyers worldwide and a large number of global social media influencers.

In August 2017, when the US review site Moneypantry selected global Amazon third-party discount sites, VIPON won the top spot of similar sites with its high viscosity users of 1 million + registered buyers and 300,000 daily active users.

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deal websites

DealsPlus focuses on adding fun to the overall experience of customers who visit them to search for coupons and available deals.

This fun extends to features that allow customers to decide the way they browse for coupons or the feeds they get on deals and promos.

To experience the full flare of what they offer, users will have to sign up on the website, thus gaining access to millions of deals and coupons from thousands of merchants and sellers.

Notable among the merchants are Netflix, eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Hotwire, Walmart, Kohls and RedBox.

Top categories for finding coupons and deals include Apps, Computer & Software, Games, Health & Beauty, Sports & Outdoor, Travels & Tickets, and Décor.

There are freebies too and deals as high as 70%, and good enough, their deals last for considerable periods.

However, DealsPlus do not support cashback and referral programs. Something most buyers and customers prefers or consider when looking for deals.

Nevertheless, they have a robust program, known as the Money Makes program, that offers users the opportunity to make money by sharing deals. Payment is based on the number of views your page receives.

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deal websites

I’m not overemphasizing, searching for discounts on stores can be quite challenging. The reason being that there are several products uploaded to such stores.

This makes it difficult for you to easily search for the available discounted products.

Though giants such as Amazon have done a great deal in adding features such as Deals of the day, Top sellers, among others to their e-store, unearthing relevant and huge deals require time and experience.

That actually aches!

Nevertheless, if you want to reduce this ‘purchasing migraine’, Goodshop offers you the platform. Mimicking Google’s Search console, Good Search provides users with an excellent feature where you can easily find deals and coupons on products.

They equally offer a cashback program to use and customers who can find products from brands such as Finish Line, Packt Publishing, Nike, Huggies, ThemeForest, Pearson VUE and Grammarly.

The top categories include Art, Clothing Accessories, Automotive, Baby Products, Books & News, Beauty, and Clothing.

Notably, you can donate to charity by patronizing their deals as they partner with UNICEF, Girls Scout, American Red Cross and a number of other CSOs to provide community services.

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deal websites

Are you looking for the best technology deals? Do you seek up to 75% coupon and deals on Laptops, Computers, Electronics, and Home décor? Then TechBargains is the ideal place for you.

They are strong competitors in deals and coupon industry matching toes-to-toes with giants such as Groupon and eBates, though not as forthcoming as the aforementioned brands.

Despite that, PCMag rated them as the top deals’ website where shoppers can find good deals on products in tech, clothing, sports, and furniture.

With quite a number of experienced staff, they tend to dig deeper and unearth mouth-watering deals to keep their users satisfied.

One can get substantial deals of Laptops and Computers as they boast of tech and clothing merchants including Microsoft store, Dell, Lenovo, PCMag, LG, HP, Google store, Kohl’s, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, AT&T, and many others.

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deal websites

Here is another deal websites RetailMeNot that helps you save money when you shop online. Using their gift cards to purchase products, you can stand the chance of getting cash back as high as 15% for online purchases made in their site.

With the mega merging of this brand with Deals2Buy, there are lots of deals and offers for customers every now and then.

More so, there are daily coupons from top merchants to source for. Merchants on RetailMeNot include popular brands such as Amazon, AT&T, BestBuy, Puma, Nike, Finish Line, Verizon, Walmart, among others.

You can grab coupons for products to 70% especially in the clothing category. Generally, their deals and coupons span across many categories, of which the top sellers are Clothing, shoes & accessories, Electronics, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Pharmacy, and Household essentials.

Over the years, RetailMeNot has worked hard to meet the needs of customers who in turn have expressed their satisfaction with their services and products.

Overall, customer satisfaction is above average, and most importantly, their customer care service is epic.

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deal websites

The bensbargains is known for multiple frequent updates of deals and coupons on their websites spanning across several products. The majority of the products on their website are handpicked to specifically suit their customers.

You will find lots of freebies, deals and coupon codes on Health & Beauty, Electronics, Home & Garden, Computers, Food & Grocery, and Movies category

More so, they provide healthy, effective and resourceful tips for saving your money while shopping online.

This can be of great benefit to customers who need insights on how to cut cost buying products online from the different merchants on the internet

Adidas, Verizon, Kodak, Best Buy, AT&T, McAfee, Apple, Dell, and Puma are the top and popular merchants on Bargainist.

Get alerts on over 70% deals when you subscribe to their newsletter. However, you will have your email account flooded with lots of emails from them which can be disgusting.

Either way, their deals are worth the shot, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to grab one of those deals that wows everyone around.

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deal websites

Just like the Bargainist, Offers.com is great deal websites, expert staffs handpick most of the products combining experience, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Such deals are verified before they are published. This provides that extra feeling of security to customers.

Customers can save up $34 on each product they purchase on the different categories available on their site. You can search for deals and coupons on Computing, Electronics, Food & Gifts, Travel, Home décor, and many others.

Brands such as Amazon, Groupon, Hotwire, Kohl’s, Walmart, Verizon, Apple store and eBay have deals, promos, and coupons all over these product categories from which customers can pick.

There are saving tips and guides to help the customer make the most of their services. Though they do not offer cashback and freebies, you can search for and secure deals of up to 60%.

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deal websites

Dealmoon (North American Money Express) is the largest bilingual Chinese and English discount information website in the United States.

By leveraging Sina Weibo, Dealmoon has established its position in the American Chinese circle and become the preferred discount information website for Chinese Americans. 90% of the site’s users are Chinese, and a quarter of the traffic comes from Sina Weibo.

The business covers more than ten countries and regions including North America (US and Canada), Asia Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea), Europe (British, French, German, Italian and Western),

and Australia (Australia and New Zealand), including North American Money Express dealmoon.com and Canadian Money Express Dealmoon. ca, Australian Money Saver dealmoon.com.au, and British Money Saver dealmoon.co.uk and many other sub-websites.

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deal websites

No one talks or writes about deals and coupons without recognizing the top players in the game.

Groupon has an extensive record of not just popularity, but the quality of service also. With lots of features, strategies, and innovations, they wow customers and users every now and then.

Unlike most of these deal websites, Groupon sells products and services directly from their website with lots of coupons to save money when you buy. There are deals of up to 90% with online courses rocking high on this.

Major product categories include Health & fitness, Travels, Beauty & Spas, Restaurants, and Goods.

There is a well-known advertiser for major brands such as Amazon, Shutterfly, Samsung, Kohls, Best Buy, Walmart, ASOS, Lyft, and Nike.

Many customers find their approach quite easy and favorable.  Linking with merchants from top categories has been completely simplified.

Anything that sells, from e-products to physical products is available for you at, most likely, a hugely discounted price. Save precious dollars when you bang on them for deals from the best 18 deal websites.

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deal websites

This is an intelligently crafted and developed website –Rather-Be-Shopping.com that combines intricate values with financial prudence to help customers save money online.

Whilst a few other coupons and deal websites sell products in addition to links, Rather-Be-Shopping concentrates solely on referrals and linking customers to the best deals they can find out there.

The site has timely coupons and customer service that stands atop many other competitors. Since 2003, they have helped many online buyers save money on products and services.

As stated earlier, they help customers secure the best deals, get promo codes and coupons thereby saving them a few dollars per purchase.

There is the top-of-class customer service to help buyers save money, secure good deals and easily get products delivered to them.

Sure, this is what most buyers want. So, if you need a simple and flexible style of shopping and saving money, give them a try.

You will save on an average of 20% on every online order you make from different categories: Books, Arts & Posters, Computers & Software, Food & Cooking, Electronics, and many others.

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deal websites

According to a response on BBC from a staff,

LivingSocial places customer service at the very heart of our business and we strive to ensure members and partners alike benefit from a great experience with us”.

That summarizes everything. The priority is customer satisfaction. However, one might be curious to ask, “What do they have to offer.?”

Well, LivingSocial is a coupon & deal websites that offers its customers discounted products and promos on very different products covering Beauty & Spas, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Automotive, and Home Services.

Secure local deals and get free deliveries for some products posted by several merchants and sellers.

Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Galaxy and Amazon are top sellers here. You can get secure deals as high as 65% across the board.

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deal websites

According to Trustpilot, CashbackBase scores an average in the Coupons and Deals websites market with most customers expressing their satisfaction on the freebies they acquired by using their website to find for products.

Customers receive cashback offers on products purchased from Amazon via their website. However, they (customers) pay for the full cost of such products on Amazon but receive cashback based on the available offers, deals, and coupons.

The drawback of CashBack Base is its current reliance on Amazon as the only e-store for their customers. While most of the other coupons and deals websites spread their tentacles to several other sellers, they keep with one.

Well, this is equally an advantage as a customer who patronizes Amazon but needs hot deals can often look forward to their deals before making purchases.

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deal websites

Freestufffinder is an amazing discount, coupon promotion deal websites platform that focuses on daily necessities.

Many of the latest offers come from Amazon, Target, Walmart and other platforms,
It is very suitable for home women to buy or find cheap daily necessities.

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deal websites

Bradsdeals.com is one of the top ten US discount deal websites. It is also one of the discount product information websites we can follow. Similar to Dealnews. Dealspeedup and other websites, each category has the latest promotions and coupons.

Electronic products are still very popular, so the information posted on the website is biased towards electronic products and accessories. If you just need to buy, you can also visit to see if there are products you just need.




Don’t surf the internet for stores where you can purchase products online without considering how, hugely, you can cut the budget by patronizing one of these deal websites.

While a few of them might not be worth the shot, most of the top brands such as Groupon, Rather-Be-Shopping, eBates, and RetailMeNot are great places to start from.

Rely on the different offers of these websites to secure deals, coupons and promo codes for purchasing your next item at a discounted rate.

Happy buying!


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