A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pan

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A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pan

There are many non-stick pans on the market. In simple terms, there are two types, coated and uncoated. Among them, those without a coating can be said to have no easy-to-fall coatings. See the specific principle below.

The principle of coated non-stick pans is known to everyone. The non-stick pan coating is used to achieve the non-stick effect.

There are two types of coating materials, which are Teflon and ceramics, regardless of DuPont. Teflon coating, US Huafu coating or Swiss Ebolon coating, their basic materials are Teflon, of which Teflon coating market share is relatively large.

一, non-stick pan made of Teflon

Teflon non-stick pan is currently the most common on the market. The biggest advantage is that it is cheap and easy to use. The disadvantage is that the dry pot burning over 260 degrees affects the service life of the coating and may release harmful substances to the human body.

But as long as you pay attention to how to use it, there is no problem in daily use.

Teflon-coated non-stick cookware brands Most of the most common Chinese brands such as Supor, Dahuang and Aishida are teflon-coated non-stick cookware.

1, Supor non-stick pan-the best known

A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pan


Among them, Supor is the best known. Supor——The Chinese brand Supor’s non-stick pan suitable for the public is best known for its patented red dot temperature display technology.

When the temperature of the pot reaches about 180 degrees, the red dot pattern will turn into a solid red dot. Effectively prevent oil fume.

2.Ballarini non-stick pan-Italian brand that has specialized in non-stick pans for 100 years

A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pan

Ballarini is an Italian centuries-old brand that began in 1889, focusing on non-stick research.

In 2015, it became a brand of Zwilling. Ballarini’s non-stick pans are all made in Italy. The pan body is made of 98% high-purity aluminum, which is lighter than ordinary alloy pans.

3, Carote non-stick pan-Chinese brand with super high value

A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pan

Carote is a non-stick cookware company that has been manufacturing foreign brands for more than 20 years. Carote’s Maifan Stone non-stick cookware uses Swiss Ebolon coating. The biggest feature is high-value, small and fresh style.

Recommend everyone to take a look at Carote’s 28cm breakfast pot. It is a breakfast artifact. The three-box design can make vegetables, eggs and meat at the same time, which saves time.


二, the ceramic non-stick pan

Ceramic non-stick pan uses nanotechnology to make the surface of the product compact and free of pores to achieve a non-stick effect.

The ceramic non-stick pot body is generally aluminum plus ceramic coating, which is relatively lighter and more resistant to high temperatures.

Even if the temperature reaches 450 degrees, the coating will not release harmful substances to the human body. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for long-term scraping.

Similarly, do not use a shovel for cooking, wire ball cleaning, etc.

1, Zwilling——German brand.

We bought the faith. Zwilling is a German kitchenware brand with a history of more than 280 years.

Although the Zwilling ceramic coated non-stick pan is a bit expensive, it does have a lot of advantages.

Among them, the relatively easy to buy plus series has strong thermal conductivity. Home cooking only needs to open a small and medium fire, which saves time and energy.

It is suitable for including All types of cookers, including induction cookers, which are also suitable for ovens.

三, non-stick coating without easy peeling off

The main principle of non-stick coating pot without easy peeling is to penetrate non-stick material (titanium, diamond, etc.) into the whole pot body or make a thick coating through technology.

Coating peeling. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher than the above two

1, HIGHCOOK cost-effective Korean brand

HIGHCOOK is a Korean kitchenware brand with a history of more than 60 years.

HIGHCOOK’s most well-known sapphire series of anti-stick cookware also uses Teflon material and uses permeable layer technology to fully penetrate the entire pot body.

The phenomenon of coating peeling, combined with the use of maintenance methods, is longer and more durable.

2, ZUANJ-Chinese high-end brands

A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pa

ZUANJ is a Chinese kitchen appliance brand founded in 2006. It is recommended to buy a non-stick pan with a stainless steel mesh.

The biggest advantage is that it is wear-resistant and can be cleaned with a steel shovel and a steel ball.

The principle of non-stick technology in his house is that after the diamond powder is nanometer refined, it is infiltrated and fused with the pot body under high temperature and pressure conditions.

Diamond has the characteristics of super hardness and strong surface tension, forming a high-strength, high-density non-stick penetration layer inside the pot body, which makes the pot have unconditional non-stick and long service life.

3, WOLL-Brands that can be heated with cold water

A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pa

WOLL is a German premium kitchenware brand that started in 1974, specializing in the production of non-stick pans.

The biggest feature of WOLL non-stick pan is uniform heating, strong heat preservation performance, and it is okay to directly flush the hot pan with cold water.


Finally, I will tell you a little science about non-stick pans.

  1. Non-stick cookware is a consumable. Its non-stick effect has a life span, ranging from several months to several years, so it needs to be replaced. If you want a non-stick wok to go to the world, please earnestly raise a wok, and it will be no problem to accompany you for a lifetime.
  2. Do not burn when using a non-stick pan, which will affect the coating life.
  3. Most coated non-stick pans must be cleaned after the pan temperature has cooled down, or washed directly with warm water. Except for parts that can be rinsed with cold water.


We hope this article will help you on how to choose the cooking pan before you buy it.

if you have any idea, please leave the comment below. please share someone looking for A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pan

A Complete Guide to Know Before You Buy A Nonstick Pan



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